Cluster Administration

Cluster Administration Overview

from Cluster Administration Overview


  • Planning a cluster
  • Managing a cluster
  • Securing a cluster
  • Optional Cluster Services


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Cloud Providers

from Cloud Providers

kubeadm is a popular option for creating kubernetes clusters. kubeadm has configuration options to specify configuration information for cloud providers.

Managing Resources

from Managing Resources


  • Organizing resource configurations
  • Bulk operations in kubectl
  • Using labels effectively
  • Canary deployments
  • Updating labels
  • Updating annotations
  • Scaling your application
  • In-place updates of resources
  • Disruptive updates
  • Updating your application without a service outage

Cluster Networking

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Logging Architecture

from Logging Architecture


Configuring kubelet Garbage Collection

from Configuring kubelet Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is a helpful function of kubelet that will clean up unused images and unused containers. Kubelet will perform garbage collection for containers every minute and garbage collection for images every five minutes.

Proxies in Kubernetes

from Proxies in Kubernetes


Controller manager metrics

from Controller manager metrics

Controller manager metrics provide important insight into the performance and health of the controller manager.

Installing Addons

from Installing Addons

Add-ons extend the functionality of Kubernetes.


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