The Demo


Build and run the app:

  • Clone the demo project.
    • Execute git clone, and then cd ./devops.
  • Build A Docker Image.
    • Execute the build command docker build -t devops ., this creates a Docker image, wait for a while…
    • After successfully built, run docker images to check your built image(It’s in your machine’s local Docker image registry).
  • Run the app.
    • docker run -d -p 5000:3000 devops, the command launchs the image as a container and maps your machine’s port 5000 to the container’s published port 3000 using -p.
  • Your app is running now.
    • Using docker ps or docker container ls to see the containers which is currently running.
    • You can stop a container’s process using docker stop <CONTAINER ID>
    • How to get into a docker container? Using docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> bash then we can run commands inside the container.
    • Also, we could run some commands directly from outside using docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> whoami.
    • Or similarly, we could start a shell in the container using: docker exec -it <CONTAINER ID> sh.

Share your image

  • Login in first docker login.
  • Tag your image docker tag image username/repository:tag
  • Publish your image docker push username/repository:tag

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written by 陈烨彬 Robin Chen , and published under (CC) BY-NC-SA.