Got the problem

I was following Get Started, Part 4: Swarms and got the problem the same as Creating a Swarm cluster with Virtualbox nodes on OSX, the connection is unavailable.

when I got this error👇, I didn’t follow the docs…

docker@myvm1:~$ docker swarm init
Error response from daemon: could not choose an IP address to advertise since this system has multiple addresses on different interfaces (10.0.xx.xx on eth0 and 192.168.xx.xx on eth1) - specify one with --advertise-addr

I try it with docker-machine ssh myvm1 "docker swarm init --listen-addr eth0:2377 --advertise-addr eth1", and then machine myvm1 was initialized as swarm manager.

Next, I tried to add machine myvm2 to swarm and failed with:

➜  docker-test git:(master) ✗ docker-machine ssh myvm2 "docker swarm join --token <token> <IP of myvm1>:2337"
Error response from daemon: rpc error: code = 14 desc = grpc: the connection is unavailable

So, I searched it with Google about two hours, and finally got no answer…

Sh*t, I retried it with docs:

  1. re-init the swarm manager:
    • take down the swarm with docker swarm leave --force
    • re-init with docker swarm init --advertise-addr [ip of the machine, check it with docker-machine ls]:2377(2377 is the port for swarm joins)
  2. then add your the machine to the swarm with docker-machine ssh myvm2 "docker swarm join --token <token> <ip>:<port>"

Then it worked!

How stupid I was! I should have follow the docs’s solution first instead of try it myself.

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written by 陈烨彬 Robin Chen , and published under (CC) BY-NC-SA.