“Times May Change, But Your Core Values Don’t.”


See the good in everything.

Make him or her feel special.

Never stop learning.

Keep your promises.

Do right by others.

Be a loyal friend.

Appreciate what you have.

Be humble.

Challenge yourself.

Practice what you preach.

Reach for the stars.

Be dependable and reliable.

Lead a purposeful life.

Give of yourself.

Be courageous.

Work hard, work smart.

Be self-reliant.

Tell the truth.

Accept responsibility.

Do yourself proud.

Show compassion.

Do the right thing.

Be strong.

Meet others halfway.

Play nice.

Have faith.

Give ’em a chance.

Keep it in perspective.

Forgive and forget.

Be fair.

Lend a hand.

Keep an open mind.

Give thanks.

Don’t quit.

Be kind.

Bring out the best in others.

Show respect.

Make good choices.

Show you care.

Give it one more try.

Believe in yourself.

Be a good loser and winner.

Make it win-win.


Remember your roots.

Be a family person.

Be yourself.

Do your best.

Make a difference.

Listen to your conscience.

quote from Times May Change, But Your Core Values Don’t

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written by 陈烨彬 Robin Chen , and published under (CC) BY-NC-SA.